The worlds largest seaplane connects you with more then 80 islands of Maldives, #visitmaldives The seaplane tour is among the top traveller influenced reasons to visit Maldives 2016, World Travel Awards As a highlight of the Grand Final 2016, the World Travel Awards Academy recognised Trans Maldivian Airways and its Chief Executive, Mister A.U.M Fawzy, with the title of Tourism Pioneer. The honour was in recognition of the vital role the organisation played in the success of the Grand Final as well as the development of tourism in the Maldives more generally. Led by the industry veteran of 20 years standing, Trans Maldivian Airways has become a pillar of Maldivian hospitality. Having joined the company he now leads in 1995 as part of the finance team, Fawzy climbed the corporate ladder to become leader of the world’s largest seaplane company. Under his stewardship the company has gone from flying a handful of passengers each year, to transferring over one million passengers to over 60 partner resorts across the Maldives each year. He has without a doubt played a pivotal role in the development of tourism in the Maldives archipelago, with a fleet of 45 aircraft binding the nation together like never before.

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