A dream to make it to the Paradise, (Jannathul Firdaus) Those who believe and do righteous good deeds, they are dwellers of Paradise, they will dwell therein forever. Beautiful and Radiant A virgin of Paradise, a black eyed nymph, a celestial bride promised to all good in the hear after A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. People have been calling 🇲🇻 the Paradise but it’s nothing close to Paradise but a beautiful place, It’s another amazing island in Maldives that I had opportunity to have a Photoshoot, The day was beautiful and I can never imagine my self on a more beautiful place on this world, I haven’t been to those 1200 islands yet but explored more 🌴 then anyone else, This is what I chose to to do, Explore Maldives, Photo by Asad – Maldives Photographer

from Instagram: http://bit.ly/2e03vEO

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