1 Millionth visitor to Maldives in 2016, Ali Asghar and Aleefiya Marchant holiday in Maldives, #visitMaldives #visitmaldivesyear2016 #vym #Vmy2016 Maldives welcome Ali and his wife With a gift of Free holiday package at @hurawalhi_maldives with access to the worlds largest underwater restaurant, It was a great pleasure speaking to the lucky Indian couple in Maldives, The couple who been living and operating a #Hooka Lounge in Surat visited Maldives for their honeymoon and the first word I heard about Maldives from Ali was, It’s Paradise, Yes he called Maldives Airport the Paradise and one can imagine the islands around, Ali ~ “Have always seen Maldives on the TV or the internet and had found it very beautiful, natural and mesmerizing. So it was decided way back that this would be the place when I would be on my honeymoon” A candid portrait session of Ali and Aleefiya at @paradisemaldives Photo by Asad,

from Instagram: http://bit.ly/2e8PhSJ

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