Beach Activities of Maldivians.

Every Maldivian has a beach just as close as the home garden, In my childhood i used to spend more then 2 hours in the beach every day, My mom used to take me from beach every day, That’s where i feel like playing and enjoying,

When i see these children enjoying at the Fresh water lakes and the beaches, The first image shows some boys playing at Dhadimagu Kulhi, Dhadimagu kulhi is a Fresh water lake in Fuvahmulah, Fuvahmulah is one of the most nature rich island in the list of 1000’s of islands,

_DSC1938 copy _DSC1944 copy _DSC2009 copy Beach FootBall in Maldives copy _DSC4767 copy _DSC5210 copy _DSC4692 copy Body Boarding in Maldives Beach Volleyball in maldives _DSC3847 copy DSC_7542


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